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مجله دیجیتال

مجله دیجیتال

مجله دیجیتال

کلیه آموزش های مربوط به سئو و طراحی سایت و مقالات علمی،فرهنگی،هنری و آموزش تبلیغات صفحه اول گوگل در مجله دیجیتال seo godfather

فیلم های سینمایی

فیلم های برتر سینما

فیلم های برتر سینما

دانلود و پخش آنلاین فیلم های برتر سینمایی بتدریج در وب سایت seo godfather قرار داده میشود.

دانلود فیلم های رزمی

دانلود فیلم های رزمی

دانلود فیلم های رزمی

دانلود فیلم های رزمی سینمایی با معرفی کامل و قابلیت پخش آنلاین بزودی در وب سایت seo godfather قرارداده میشود.

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on page seo | in page seo

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SEO is derived from the term Search Engine Optimization, which has equivalent words such as SEO or search engine optimization, which all have the same meaning and can be defined as follows:

SEO (search engine optimization) does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines with unethical methods. They are designed to help improve the visibility and relevance of websites in natural search results with the aim of achieving high rankings.

SEO can be considered as a set of methods for strategically changing websites. This process expresses the most important relevant factors of the page and increases its importance in the search results page.

SEO is not a simple process that is easy to implement because it requires a lot of knowledge, background knowledge and patience. Search engines are unpredictable with the constant change of their ranking algorithms; Therefore, it is the duty of SEO engineers to keep their information up to date.

SEO or site optimization is one of the activities performed by SEO.

Google's ranking algorithm has more than 200 criteria for ranking a site. Therefore, SEO engineers should consider the most important of these criteria for successful SEO implementation.

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Early SEO

The first search engines were launched in the early 1990s; Some of the most popular were Infoseek, Alta Vista and Yahoo. At that time, people looked at search engines as a list that, like the yellow page, was done in alphabetical order. There were pages like AAA at the top of this list.

As the Internet grew, newer search engines appeared that used more sophisticated ranking algorithms. These algorithms used keyword density criteria (the number of times a keyword or phrase was used on a page divided by the total number of words on the page) and keyword-like tags to understand the contents of websites. Following this growth, Seobra started its activity to make the sites more visible. With the development of page rankings by search engines, SEO engineers sought to find ways to influence the ranking of these engines using both ethical and immoral methods.

An article published by the New York Times in November 1996 talked about web developers using immoral SEO methods to get to the top of search results. This article explains how web developers can easily load a site with specific keywords that are usually hidden behind the site's graphics, resulting in search engines counting those keywords and increasing the site's ranking.

As mentioned, getting high rankings for specific keywords was much easier in the early days than it is today. Using immoral methods at the time was guaranteed to be at the top of the search results list. Search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated today, and it is very difficult for optimization engineers to manipulate search engines, although this cat-and-mouse game between SEOs and search engines still exists today and will continue.

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What are the goals of SEO?
The goal of SEO is to help websites rank high in natural search results and increase the relevance between pages and keywords entered by users. Showing the most pages related to the entered search query has many benefits for both the user and the search engine in that the user gets the most relevant search results and the search engine becomes reliable because its algorithm shows the most relevant pages. .

After SEO started to improve the ranking of sites in natural search results, this process required knowledge and time to implement their methods. Time is the biggest initial investment to optimize a site or a page.

Depending on how competing keywords are used in the optimization, SEO can take weeks or months to get results. Although search engine optimization results may not be seen quickly, in the long run the benefits of SEO will increase site rankings and increase visitors. It is very important for websites to be on the first page of Google search results, especially among the top three natural results, which account for 58.4% of clicks.

Not surprisingly, websites compete with the products and services they sell for rankings in search results. For example, the competitive keyword "auto insurance" accounts for 1.5 million Google searches per month, which means that the top three rankings account for 58.4% of visitors and the top three rankings for 36.4% of visitors. This is beneficial for many sites that are at the top of the search results, especially those that increase the number of their customers as the site traffic increases.
Another study shows that searchers are very fond of clicking on natural links in search results; The study found that 72.3% of Google users click on natural links to search results, and only 27.3% of users click on paid list links. This is another reason why companies are aware of the impact of SEO and are willing to spend time and money on it.
In general, SEO goals can be summarized as follows:
It has a great effect on website visits.
Creates a brand.
It will increase site traffic.
As a result, the website ranks better on the search engine results page.
It will increase product sales.
It is the best tool for advertising.
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What is in-page SEO? (On Page SEO)
In-page SEO is related to the direct control of the code or content of your website, including text, images, links, etc .; In general, everything you upload to your site is related to SEO On Page. This method is the basis of all optimization efforts because it is where you have the most control. Any changes you make to your site content will affect the search results, so it is very important that the SEO On Page method is done correctly before the SEO Off Page method.
What is off-page SEO? (Off Page SEO)
Unlike the SEO On Page method, in which website development is done with high direct control, the off-page optimization method includes all the upgrades that are done outside of your website; This includes everything that can help you get a high ranking of your site. SEO Off Page focuses primarily on getting backlinks (links that point to your site from other sites) then optimizes search engine optimization using off-site methods.

SEO Off Page is an unlimited process run by SEO engineers to get links.

What is white hat SEO? (White Hat)
In technical terms, white-hat SEO refers to a set of techniques, methods, and strategies that follow the rules and guidelines of search engines. This does not mean cheating or manipulating search engines or users in any way. This is also called ethical SEO because it either has a long-term performance or uses the right guidelines and policies to get high rankings in search engine results.
What is Black Hat SEO? (Black Hat)
In other words, the term black hat SEO refers to a set of commands used to deceive, play, and manipulate search engine algorithms in order to obtain high rankings. It is important to know that these methods are immoral and will not be endorsed by any search engine, and using these methods carries the risk of being removed from the database list forever.

Doing helmet-black SEO tactics may cause a sudden increase in search results, but can lead to fines or a complete removal from the search engine database.

Articles on Search Engine Optimization
Here are some articles on search engine optimization:
Research in Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Large Website Development
In this study, the researcher believes that when the implementation of the website is completed, the problem that many companies face is that they do not know how to introduce their website on the Internet, which is the best way to introduce the website. Search engine optimization. In this research, based on 77 criteria that have been examined from various sources and search engines, the optimization strategies for website development are introduced as follows:
Improve site structure
Keyword strategy
URL strategy
Code optimization
Text processing
Input link optimization
Domain and hosting strategy
Analysis of search engine optimization techniques
This study examines and explains the optimization strategy of Google and Microsoft companies, and the case that has been studied and analyzed is the strategies related to Microsoft company. The most important criteria for search engine optimization according to the researcher are:
Add Allow or DisAllow to the sitemap
Add URL to sitemap
Add a sitemap to robots.txt
Use analysis tools to crawl
Search engine optimization to increase website visibility
In this study, researchers divide the factors that affect the increase of site ranking into three or three parts:
Search Engine Owners Companies: Searchers run a query on search engine pages and then the result is displayed on the search engine results page.
Webmasters and Search Engine Optimization Companies: Companies that use a variety of tools and skills to increase the ranking of websites on the search engine results page
Search Engine Searchers: People who search for information in search engines.

difinition of seo

Definition of SEO and a few tips about SEO
Although emphasizing the importance of SEO does not seem to's necessary, بد but it is not bad to have a review of some published statistics about search engines ‌.

It is natural that according to the method of conducting the research, the statistics provided by different sources can be different; So instead of focusing on the exact amount of numbers, it might be better to focus on their scale and relative importance:

People around the world use search engines 6 to 7 billion times a day (source).

Seventy to eighty percent of searchers do not look at links that are advertised (for a fee) by search engines, including Google.

A person who enters your online space by clicking on a link in a search engine will cost less to become a customer than someone you go to for marketing.

Mobile search has been on the rise in recent years, and since 2015, mobile search has outpaced desktop search. Also, the desktop currently accounts for less than 50% of the world's Internet connectivity tools

بهترین مقالات آموزشی طراحی سایت ، سئو ،تبلیغات گوگل، و هزاران مطلب علمی و فرهنگی